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Welcome to Maya Heights
"A life experience to enjoy"

Imagine the sun mingling with the misty mountains, the sound of birds humming brand new melodies, the breathtaking views over the ocean.

This is what Maya Heights welcomes you with.



An Enchanting
Experience in Belize

Maya Heights location is unique in Belize, at 500 feet above the Caribbean Sea levels, you have a view of the Belizean Coast nowhere to be found in Belize. Our cabins and restaurant are overlooking the Belizean Coast line and the Cayes, from this unique location where the Maya Mountains are only 6 miles from the ocean's edge.


Our Cabins oversee the Caribbean Sea from the 500 feet mountain with a panoramic view of a 100 mile wide swath of the coastal plain and the town of Hopkins. 



Enjoy your dinner or refreshments with family or friends  at the restaurant as the evening gets darker and darker. The twinkling lights from Hopkins and Silk Grass will come on, one at the time. Experience the freshness of the food, coming directly from our own farm located within the resort, as well as from several surrounding farms.


Experience the beauty of the Belizean nature, the intriguing history of its people , the breathtaking underwater world of exotic fish and coral growth, and the diverse flora and fauna of its extensive rainforest.

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